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Q: What is the protection made of?
A: Our patented design gives our product excellent coverage and lots of surface area to “grip” your rims. It also does a good job of absorbing rim-damaging impacts, at least at low speeds. Our special blend of material offers a good combination of rigidity and plasticity, allowing it to protect your rims from damage. Unlike some products – which often use basic nylon – our product can both absorb impacts and stretch.
Q: What to do during a tire change?
A: It is possible to change the tire without damage to the blade. The tire shop will need to take extra care when removing the tire. Adding tire lube to the blade allows the tire to slide by without pulling the blade off. Most tire shops are not aware of this process and will need instructions. In the event, the shop does damage the blade; email or call and we will take care of you on a replacement.
Q: Will the protections work on my powder-coated/clear coated/chrome/forged alloy rim?
A: In a word, yes. We use world-class wheel adhesive. It’s the same type of “tape” that’s been used with tape on wheel weights for decades. The adhesive will bond to any clean, smooth, flat surface.
Q: Will the protection affect my wheel balance?
A: No chance. The protection's are lightweight and uniform in weight distribution along with your wheel. Therefore, they will not cause any balancing issues.
Q: If I need replacement on a single wheel, Can I order single wheel replacement install?
A: Absolutely! For two wheels and less, a convenience charge of $19 is applied.
Q: Will the protection lose their color or fade?
A: The protection is made of UV protected material. However, slight fading is normal on vehicles that are parked outside for extended periods.
Q: Can I wash my car thru an automated car wash?
A: Once the protections have been installed, they must be cured for at least 3 days. After, they’ll be just fine to take thru car washes, winter storms, monsoons, and more. DAMAGE MAY OCCUR in car washes that have a guide rail. The protections will protect the rim from damage but may be damaged in the process. It is advised not to use car wash systems that use a guide rail if you have low profile tires.
Q: Can the protection be installed on top of a wheel that’s already been scraped or damaged?
A: The choice is yours. The first option is to fix the wheel back to its original condition and then install the protection. The second option is to buff the rash/damaged surface for a smoother finish and install the protection after. Regardless of the two choices, the protection goes over the vulnerable area of the wheel where you get the rashes so it will be covered. We provide mobile services for both options.
Q: How much protection does the product offer?
A: The protections are excellent at protecting your rims from minor damage while parking. Minor, accidental contact between the protection and curbs won’t result in damage. They can’t prevent damage caused by a pothole or rock hit at 30+mph. The protections are made from a proprietary mix of plastic and rubber. The construction gives them shock absorption abilities and the ability to stretch without tearing.
Q: How does the Mobile Install Service work?
A: Pretty Simple, you can either call, text or schedule an install online. Our professional installers use certified equipment ensuring perfect install with precision and accuracy every time at your own convenient location! we have installed at peoples garages, driveways, work parking lot, scenic spots etc.
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