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Our Products

Curb damage is a serious issue. Out  of all the unintentional reasons, most common are parallel parking, sideswiping the curves going around drive-thru and accidentally hitting a curb when making a tight turn.

To protect your wheels against Curb damage, we use RimBlades & RimSavers. designed and patented by RimBladesUSA.

RimBlades alloy wheel rim protectors are our original product with a unique multi-fit profile shape. They are designed to conform to nearly all wheel rim shapes, including those with a lip. Constructed from a tough, proprietary material, RimBlades are durable and easy to clean. Fits wheels up to 22” in diameter. Available in Black, White, Purple, Alloy (silver), Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Orange, Blue and Pink​.


RimSavers are our most durable product launched in 2016 an ultra-lightweight rim protection and styling product. Made from semi-rigid plastic, RimSavers have a wall thickness of just 0.35mm and offer outstanding high-speed performance due to the reduced rotational mass, but additionally a surprising level of protection. It will fit flat-edged wheels and those with a lip that has a flat surface to it. Fits wheels up to 26” in diameter. Available in Black, White, Gold, Alloy (silver), Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Orange, Blue, Pink

RimJobz is a licensed Installer & Distributor of RimBladesUSA. We install Fleet & supply auto body shops. For your bookings and orders, please contact us. We are always looking forward to hearing from you.

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