• RimSavers are our most durable product launched in 2016 an ultra lightweight rim protection and styling product.
  • Made from a semi-rigid plastic, RimSavers have a wall thickness of just 0.35mm and offer outstanding high-speed performance due to the reduced rotational mass, but additionally a surprising level of protection.
  • Will fit flat edged wheels and those with a lip that has a flat surface to it. Fits wheels up to 24” in diameter.
  • Return policy

    An unused riblades can be returned for full refund. the buyer needs to take responsiblity of shipping charges.

  • Care instruction

    Run down the protector with a microfiber towel after car wash. The material is UV protected and weather proof. 

  • Installation info

    Its a DIY (do it yourself) product. The Installtion instruction is given in the back of every packet along with the necessary installtion kit. Go to the link for the installtion video.